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R3 Esperienza Corse is the ultimate sports driving course designed and developed for every level of driver. We offer programs to improve your skills from the entry level high performance driving up through racing programs that race on a championship level around the Globe. For the entry level, we offer you the driver our 2 day Esperienza Corse racing program.
The 2 day program starts out with the first day introduction to racing briefing and classroom instructions. We then move to our training center high speed skid pad to cover the basics of car handling and control. Throughout this process we focus on teaching car control techniques using the 458 Challenge cars and specially prepared M3 drift cars , we focus on braking, acceleration, cornering along with slow and high-speed maneuvering.
For the second day we begin once again with some classroom instructions covering the previous days instruction and then move to the exclusive Thermal Raceway track. You will drive our Ferrari 458 Challenge race cars at racing speeds and begin your amazing journey of race car driving from our world renowned coaches.


4.5 Liter V8
570 Horsepower
Professionally Engineered Racing Suspension
2815 Lbs Dry Weight

Ferrari 458 Challenge Car


All courses will take place at the exclusive Thermal Club in Thermal, CA. The Thermal Club has an amazing circuit with a combined length of 5.1 miles. 

The track consists of fast portions, technical portions, sweeping turns, a wide banked carousel, and a combination of all to provide a thrilling driving experience. The facilities and versatile tracks can accommodate any vehicle at any speed, for an unparalleled driving experience and to get the most out of any vehicle’s capabilities. 

driving experience




7 & 8

14 & 15

21 & 22


11 & 12

18 & 19

More dates TBD


9 AM – 4 PM

3 clients at each course.



per client

Thermal Club Raceway


Day 1

1. Arrival on track at 8:30 AM for a 9 AM welcome meeting and driver’s briefing.

2. At 10:00 AM we proceed to the skid pad via shuttle.

3. 10:15 AM start at the skid pad. 

4. At 12:30 lunch for about 45 minutes at the track.

5. Back to the skid pad around 1:20.

6. Continue skid pad course at 1:30. 

7. At 3:30 PM skid pad exercises are over.

8. Day ends with a shuttle back to the R3 facility for debrief and telemetry overview.

Day 2

1. Arrival on track at 8:30 AM for a 9 AM driver’s briefing. 

2. At 9:45 AM clients suit up.

3. At 10:00 AM we proceed to the pit lane.

4. At 10:10 AM we start on course session.

5. Coaches drive clients around the track in the Challenge car.

6. Coach rides in the right seat with client driving.

7. At 12:30 lunch for about 45 minutes at the track.

8. Back to the track around 1:20. 

9. Continue on track course at 1:30

10. Lead and follow exercises until 3:30 PM.

11. Day ends with a shuttle back to the R3 facility for debrief and telemetry overview.

Thermal Club Bend


1. Full racing gear (Overall, Shoes, Gloves, Nomex shirt, Nomex pants, and Helmet)

2. SD Card with all day footage from in car camera. 

3. YouTube link.

4. Snack and drinks.

5. Private 458 Challenge Evo car.

6. Private coach for the entire course.

458 Challenge Experience
On Track Experience
Pit Stop at the Thermal Club


After completion of the R3 Esperienza Corse, clients will have the opportunity to rent the 458 Challenge car on a different day of their choosing for advanced instruction or private lapping. The client may bring a coach or one will be provided at an extra cost. This rental will include full support for the vehicle from R3 as well as the insurance, tires, parts, and fuel. 

Cost for this is $8,250. Clients will do about 100 miles throughout the day. Clients are able to be on and off track whenever they would like. Lunch will be provided.


Learn how to race in a 458 Challenge race car through this premier driving experience at the exclusive Thermal track in Thermal, CA.  For any additional information or inquiry in regards to this program.

Ilya Vaysberg

Motorsport Manager


Sunrise at the Thermal Club